Time Has Come – Raw Ramp Review

Ben Poole - Time Has Come on Manhaton Records
Time Has Come – Manhaton Records

Neil Mach at Raw Ramp reviewed Time Has Come and gave it 4/5 stars! A very interesting descriptive writing style gushed about the album:

“Lying to Me” has some squelchyturmoil going on under the surface… and a certain buzz to it. It rocks like a cradle bobbing on white-water and is stained by an acidic organ. But it is the amazing dexterity of thebeguiling guitar that will most impress you the most. The awesome fingering and the nourishing vibrato have a thriving  and incandescent quality.

The dynamic riffaramas displayed here  — on this stunning album — will set you free

But this album is more discreet than you might expect … Relaxed, easy-going and full of charm … the under-stated numbers are brought to life by a modest genius who is quickly becoming a rather special young luminary in his field …”