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Recorded by the BBC at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall on 31st October 2013 during the London Blues Festival. Released 6th October 2014 on Manhaton Records.

“A live album full of feel, subtle dynamics and a passionate performance…Funky soulful grooves and poised guitar playing…The complete package of voice, resonant guitar playing and a fine band makes sure that ‘Live At The Albert Hall’, is worthy of its lofty title” -Get Ready To Rock (UK)


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“LET’S GO UPSTAIRS” The Debut Album by Ben Poole

Produced by Ike Nossel (Jeff Beck, Dana Gillespie, Tina Turner, Robin Trower, Roger Daltry, Def Leppard) the debut album features 7 Ben Poole originals, 2 co-writes with producer Ike, and 3 covers; including the Otis Redding/Steve Cropper song ‘Mr. Pitiful and the Anne Peables original ‘I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down’. Released 2012.



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“EVERYTHING I WANT” the 5 track mini album/EP by Ben Poole produced by ex-Ozzy Osbourne/Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) guitarist Bernie Torme. Released 2010.

Sound Clips:

Everything I Want

Fire And Water

Watching You, Watching Me

The Damage Has Been Done

Chase the Girl

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“Let’s Go Upstairs” Press:


“Following on from the success of his EP, Everything I Want, Ben Poole released his debut album, Let’s Go Upstairs, which was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Isaac Nossel. Ben mentions in the liner notes that he “didn’t want to end up being just another young blues/rock player making an album of songs that were just excuses for guitar solos.” This album clearly establishes Ben as one of the most gifted young blues rock guitarists to come from the UK, but what clearly sets Ben apart from the rest of them is the maturity and rapid growth in his songwriting skills that are clearly displayed on this new album. He undeniably meets the goal that he set for himself on this record.

The album consists of three covers including a great rendition of the Otis Redding/Steve Cropper song “Mr. Pitiful” and the Anne Peebles original “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down,” which has a great horn section addition. Enough about the covers though. The rest of the album consists of nine originals penned by Ben with the occasional hint and prod from Isaac. “Hanging In The Balance” starts the album off with some acoustic guitar work that sets a thoughtful mood that is appropriate for the deep subject matter of the song. Ben expresses the need to do the right thing every day since you basically only live once and tomorrow might basically be too late. “It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way” opens with more acoustic guitar as Ben contemplates lost love and the desire to stay friends with someone you were so close to and the difficulty involved in getting back to “the way things were” prior to falling in love. The tone changes with the funky “Let’s Go Upstairs” where Ben really let’s his uniquely gruff voice shine.

Things slow down again with the pain filled lament of “Love Nobody No More.” Simply an excellent track with a guitar solo in the middle that has a unique tone. Anyone who’s ever loved and lost can relate to the sentiment of this song. Ben sprinkles in the positive love songs also. “Holding Onto Love” is an upbeat tribute to how the right love can turn everything around and give a person a reason to believe again. “Over It Now” is a fast paced track that could have easily been an outtake from Clapton’s Journeyman album.

The somber ballad “After All This Time” leads in the stellar gospel tinged “Let The Rain Come Down” where Ben really lets his voice shine again and is backed up with talented backing vocals. Great guitarist in her own right Dani Wilde provides backing vocals on much of the album. A key change is used to build tension until Ben let’s rip with another perfectly restrained solo. Through out the album Ben adds just enough guitar power to let you know he’s got the skills without turning the songs into a guitar showcase.

To sum it up, this is simply a phenomenal debut album that leaves you wanting more of this talented players output. Filled with some great songwriting and superb playing Let’s Go Upstairs should be on everyone’s playlist who can appreciate blues rock for more than simply an excuse to shred on the guitar.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

The Big Hit

– Let The Rain Come Down

Review by Kevin O’Rourke


“The name Ben Poole has cropped up on my radar continuously when talking to UK Blues musicians over the last couple of years. What we have on ‘Let’s Go Upstairs’ is the expected excellent guitar yes, but in addition, a very unexpected level of songwriting and arranging –  some of the best I have heard in a while in fact. So what happened? 

In the sleeve notes Ben describes quickly putting down “fourteen brand new songs” in the studio and starting work on them with Grammy Award winning producer Ike Nossel (Jeff Beck, Tina Turner, Def Leppard).  Within a month he had scrapped most of them to create a new and (says Poole) better, CD . He credits Nossel with instilling the focus and drive that led to the sweat and effort that finally became the CD ‘Let’s Go Upstairs’. From the opening ‘Hanging in the Balance’ it’s clear this CD is going to be something special and anything but what I expected from a gung-ho guitarman – delicate lyrics about the fragility of life with a solo that is fitted to the song rather than vice versa .  This attention to lyrics and arrangement  goes for all Poole’s self-penned numbers.  ‘It doesn’t have to be that way’ with it’s choppy acoustic intro that again fits the songs mood rather than dictates it.  “You can still be friends, Just forget you used to make love” he laments.  The sad shuffle beat of ‘Love nobody no more’ and it’s reflection “What’s the point of love if it only ends in pain?”.

It’s not all pain though.  “You walked in the room and put the world back to rights” he celebrates in    ‘Holding onto love’.  There’s Rock here too of course, particularly on the Ann Peebles classic ‘Tear Your Playhouse Down’ with a rough vocal reminiscent of the Graham Parker version and ‘Play on, Play on’  with some rock steady grooves…and is that a WahWah pedal!?  Certainly destined to be a live favorite this one.  There’s the Rock Ballad that no serious disc should be without too, in the form of ‘After all this time’ which takes an almighty nod towards Gary Moore’s ‘Still got the Blues’ and Moore’s influence is clear also on the rocking ‘Over it Now’.

The Gary Moore influence was one I expected but other influences were a pleasant surprise. There’s a Boyzone pop sound on ‘Atmosphere’ and the funky ‘Mr Pitiful’ from Otis Redding has a welcome touch of the BB King band sound, with a glorious solo that sounds like BB on speed.

All in all this is a super CD that is difficult to fault.  The production is spot on, the backing musicians (including top Brits like  Mark Earl on drums and Dani Wilde backing vocals) lend perfect support, and the arrangements are excellent. That said, it’s ultimately the songs that are the stars here and that’s a high compliment indeed for a young guitar hero making his first full CD.

Ben Poole is setting up his first serious forays  into the European concert market this year.  On the evidence of this CD he deserves serious attention.  There are a lot of excellent young Blues  musicians treading the boards here at present and listeners that have heard the name Ben Poole just linked to his fret bending abilities are in for a very pleasant surprise – my advice is to use your ears to enjoy the CD and your eyes to watch for Ben Poole coming to your Town.”


“Everything I Want” Press:


“22-year-old Poole has a stone-cold touch on electric, a gutsy voice, and writing chops that stand up to his cover of FREE’s Fire And Water. Only five tracks here but it’s a great amuse-bouche.”


“A fleet fingered and talented newcomer to the British blues scene. His playing may be ferocious but he rarely sacrifices precision for it. His phrasing belies his years. Definitely one to watch.”


“Introducing another great young British Rock Blues guitarist, this debut EP showcases the impressive talent of this young man. Ben combines powerful licks associated with Rock with a deft and gentler touch bringing the blues to the music. Ben Poole brings an energy and enthusiasm to all five tracks on this EP that is definitely on the rocky side of blues; Ben controls this raw energy to ensure that each track has its own shape, producing a controlled sound that excites. The four tracks that he has composed are a combination of strong lyrics and eclectic mix of guitar licks borrowed from blues, pop and at times a twist of country with the underlying discipline of the blues harking back to the delta. Ben has an inner confidence derived from understanding his instrument of choice this enables him to produce a modern sound that is his own and he can only go from strength to strength. This is a young man to look out for as he is no doubt a rising talent and should be supported when he comes to a local venue.”


“This young guitarist-singer sounds a whole lot older and wiser than his relatively young years. Described as the most exciting young blues guitarist to come out of the UK for a long, long time and with endorsements from Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, Poole has much to live up to. With this self-released EP he achieves that with four self penned originals and a blistering revival of ‘Fire And Water’. His guitar and vocals are at the centre of everything so he wisely only has the rock solid rhythm of Gary Pearson’s bass and Alan Taylor’s drums to underpin everything. It’s a good move because it all sounds clean and clear allowing his earthy vocals and down-and-dirty guitar to ride free and easy. Definitely a name to watch.”


“Everything I Want immediately got my thumbs up for Ben’s wonderful version of FREE’s Fire And Water, very much in keeping with the original (Honourable mention for the rhythm section, too), but subtly updating it for modern ears. Ben has recently toured Europe as guitarist for Dani Wilde and his playing is firmly in the classic British blues-rock vein though tempered with contemporary attitude. The original numbers are strong, there is plenty of white-hot guitar, and Ben sings far above the standard set by some of his piers.”


“An excellent five track EP release of powerful blues-rock in the classic vein. Ben has been playing around Europe as guitarist for Ruf Records’ Dani Wilde but this release shows he is a very fine artist in his own right.”


“Ben Poole may be a new name to most, but this young (only 22 years old!) British guitarist has been touring extensively across Europe with Ruf Records’ Dani Wilde, and has jammed with such heavy-hitters as Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, as well as his hero Richie Kotzen. Big things are predicted for this blazing blues-rocker – such as “the new Joe Bonamassa”! For those of us for whom Joe is still “new”, Ben Poole deals out four memorable original tracks and a scintillating cover of UK blues boom band Free’s classic ‘Fire And Water’ – and all five offerings provide plenty of blistering guitar work (his vocals aren’t bad either). Joe B. had better look to his laurels…..”


“‘Everything I Want’ confirms 22 year old Ben Poole’s high profile as a young guitar slinger who in the words of Total Guitar, ‘is the guitarist to watch out for in 2010’. This 5 track cd/ep is bursting with sufficient amounts of good technique, big toned earthy riffs and an all round versatility to make a big splash on the rock/blues market. His solos are both dense and brusque and his singing ranges from the raw to the husky but he has a well honed sense of a groove to carry even the most modest tune to its conclusion. Ben’s first solo on the title track is everything you would imagine from a player who has been feted by the likes of Richie Kotzen, Jeff Beck and Gary Moore. Bernie Torme’s production unsurprisingly pushes Ben’s incendiary playing into the very front of the mix and Ben doesn’t let him down with some ball bursting solos. An opening volley of notes momentarily disguises a cover of Free’s ‘Fire & Water’ before he settles on heavy laden riffs and another fiery solo. It’s the kind of well chosen cover that might stand him in good stead on the live circuit. Ben ups the tempo on ‘Watching You, Watching Me’ adding some trebly notes to offset his husky voiced vocals. The solos are a successful exercise in precise tone control and spring coil dynamics and make the most of a cool light and shade before an expansive solo. ‘The Damage Has Been Done’ evokes Ben Harper in its passionate vocal delivery and Ben’s solo cuts through like a knife through butter. File under promising start for a significant up and coming guitarist. **** (4/5)”