Time Has Come review BluesDoodles

Bluesdoodles have reviewed ‘Time Has Come’ and given it a 10/10: “The guitar is thrilling, from the beginning and like any opening track Lying To Me hooks you into the blues ambiance that will get you excited and want to hear more of what this exciting guitarist has to offer over the next ten tracks…. Continue Reading

Time Has Come review – Max Volume

Andy Thorley at Maximum Volume Music has given ‘Time Will Come’ a cracking 9.5/10 review saying the songs had a timeless feel to them. “However don’t make the mistake of thinking that the guitarist who won the respect of – and plaudits from – no less a pair than Gary Moore and Jeff Beck, has… Continue Reading

Time Has Come – Raw Ramp Review

Neil Mach at Raw Ramp reviewed Time Has Come and gave it 4/5 stars! A very interesting descriptive writing style gushed about the album: “Lying to Me” has some squelchyturmoil going on under the surface… and a certain buzz to it. It rocks like a cradle bobbing on white-water and is stained by an acidic organ…. Continue Reading

Time Has Come – Blues Rock Review

Lou Lombardi at Blues Rock Review gave Time Has Come 9/10 in their review and said: “Time Has Come is a well made record. The songs are solid and Ben has a very nice voice in the pop/soul niche. There is also no deying his guitar cops. The notes seem to pop out of the… Continue Reading